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Whether you wish to join us as a Driver or a Call Operator, we are always open to the widening of our team.

Start driving today, with no hasstle and you can on the road earning in no time! Dont hold back to start earning money with either your own car or one of ours.

Join Us


To join the KMR Cars team, please click below and fill out the application and a member of KMR Cars Team will get back to you.

Drive with KMR Cars

Becoming a Driver with KMR Cars is much more than just earning, you become a part of the KMR Cars team. You can enjoy the surroundings and work with ease and enjoy the amazing customer base KMR Cars can offer!


Be Your Own Boss


Avg KMR Cars Driver receives 100 jobs a week


Earn with your own vehicle or with one of ours


Meet new people, all the time

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